Chianti Classico DOCG “Pratale”


Production area

Pratale farm


Square dimension

12,69 ha for Chianti Classico


Vines per hectare

3.000 in the older units, 4.000 in the newly planted ones.


Total yield

636 hl


Site and soils

Hilly, with altitude of 295m above sea level, calcareous marls, shales mixed with pebbles.


Training systems

In the older vineyards Guyot, cordon with spurs in the more recently planted ones.


Date of planting

From 1969 to 1994.


Vine varieties

Sangiovese, from 80% to 100%. In addition, up to 20% of red grapes belonging to varieties recommended and authorized in the administrative districts of the production zone of the grapes.



Substantial wine that develops an elegant and fine complexity with years passing.

Of a lively ruby-red colour, which will turn to garnet with ageing. Produces tears in the glass, which indicates a comparatively strong wine. Intense and persistent flavour, fine and ethereal, with the fruitiness of bramble and prunes, turning into spicy notes and a touch of vanilla with ageing. Dry and supple taste, well balanced with style and character. Good length in the aftertaste, reminding of vanilla.

The product has been aged for 3-6 months in the bottle. The bottles should be stored horizontally.


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